Energy Efficiency

Before you install a Solar Array and Storage System you should be sure that you are operating at the lowest electrical load possible - this is done by increasing the Energy Efficiency of your Systems.



Solar Array

Now that your facility is operating at the lowest possible electrical load is it time to design a Solar Array that meets as close to 100% of your load as possible.




Don't fall victim to the utilities who are charging line charges and other fees that will extend your payback period to beyond feasibility, after you have taken all the risk in installing the array - Store Your energy and use it when you need it.



Storage: No Longer The Missing Link

Solar Plus Storage Equals Energy Independence!

The Industried Best Warranty

Buy American!  Manufactured in the State of Oregon.



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Helping To Create A Brighter Tomorrow
With seven years of experience, and over 350 MW of Solar designed, The Dean of Solar is a leader in the Solar design industry. We've recently commissioned six megawatts in Florida, and wish to report this added service to our commercial customers.

The Dean of Solar has sales representatives with nearly every Solar manufacturer and distributer, and can procure for our customers any Solar equipment desired. We will help you to choose the exact system that is right for your home or business. We will not rush you in making the decisions, as we know that this Solar array will be on your home or business for a minimum of 25 years, and we want you to have an array that you will be proud of both economically and aesthetically.
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