Most of our residential expertise has been with 10 kW Solar arrays or less. We have designed and installed many Solar array for homes, most of which are roof mounted arrays. Our customers are all still close friends and we have open communication with all of them, as we continue to provide free post-installation monitoring of the systems. We provide this service because we want our customers to feel safe knowing that the performance we say they will receive is truly what they get.

For some customers we have had to work directly with their bank to provide information on payback, incentives, and SREC values so that they may get financing. This service is also provided for free.

We will come to your house initially to do a feasibility study. We will perform the following functions at this initial servey: examine your roof, determine the orientation of the array, tilt, and area for the array, provide a full home energy audit, check your electric panel, get your meter number and electric bills, and discuss all of the above so that you know what we are doing and why.


We also offer professional recommendations of the best course of action to lower or eliminate your energy bills.  We can recommend the best Energy Star appliances that will have much lower energy costs to operate, we can also provide Insulation and Windows & Door services, so that your home uses less energy to stay warm in Winter and cool in Summer, and once your home uses the least amount of energy possible, we can then provide you with the exact Solar and Storage equipment that you need in order to make your home Zero Net Energy.  With this service you can easily have the utility remove their overhead cable and meter and never have a utility bill again.

You will have a clean and Green home that helps your state provide the Renewable Energy Credits needed to meet their RPS program guidelines. You will feel good about what you are doing for the environment. You will not pay energy bills that keep going up, and will likely double in the next three to five years (note: depending on the size of the array, you may still have to purchase some of your energy from your utility company). And you will, in most cases, have a break-even point on your investment in less than six years. The warranty on the modules is 25 years. That means FREE energy for 19 more years. You will have a 19 year profit on your system.

Let us show you the true nature of Solar.

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