Energy Efficiency BEFORE Solar/Storage


Lighting is one of the largest energy users in any home or business.  Is your lighting incandescent or fluorescent?  Upgrade to LED for huge savings and extreme longevity!


Insulation is the first order of business when talking about heating.  Do you have inferior or NO insulation in your home or business?  Upgrade to closed cell SPF or dense packed cellulose and SAVE.  New windows and doors should also be considered, so that you have a continuous insulation ("CI") wrapping your home or business.  THEN, you address heating.  Perhaps, after installing a CI system you will no longer need to BURN fuels to heat your home or business - we have installed infrared appliances that keep homes warm, and air conditioning is no longer needed, when CI is used.


Massachusetts has been the number one state in the country for six years running (this year CA tied for first place), but MA has done this WITHOUT an appliance standard.  We will show you how extremely efficient appliances can work for you.

Water Heating

In most home and business water heating methodologies 90% of the energy used to heat the water is WASTED energy.  Are you heating a large tank of water 24/7?  Upgrade to Instantaneous Water Heating, which only heats the water WHEN you turn on the hot faucet!

Pumps and Motors

Pumps and Motors work best when they operate in their efficiency band, which means they have to be sized correctly for their application.  Are your pumps impropery sized?  Do they operate 24/7?  Upgrade to a demand pumping and motors methodology in which they operate only when called for by downstream sensors, and that have Variable Frequency Drives ("VFDs") so that they do not have huge startup loads on your facility, and so that they only use the energy needed to perform their functions.

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